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Hailing originally from Singapore, I've elected Australia as greener pastures for almost 10 years. I have an interest in creative design and its influential power on consumer behaviour, and immersed myself in brand, advertising,  NPS, customer satisfaction and loyalty tracking in my market research career. 


I started of with a tertiary education in communications and media management and a Bachelor's degree in marketing. I worked at Visit Victoria as Research and Insights Coordinator and most recently joined Lewers Research as Associate Director, providing the voice of our client's customers. 


In my job I undertake analysis of  industry and customer feedback. At Lewers Research, I design research projects and identify drivers of advocacy and actions to improve customer’s experience. At Visit Victoria, I supported the marketing team through the preparation of performance metrics, and we provide actionable advice and insightful expertise to support business decisions.

Anchor 1 Past Projects
Project | 01

NPS, drivers of advocacy and performance 

I am currently the lead of a NPS, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty study. We’ve collected feedback from approximately 20,000 customers across 11 Business Units, making sure all customers are represented. We have uncovered drivers of NPS (brand image or proposition attributes and its impact weight), and performance relative to these drivers.

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Project | 02

Motivators for Intrastate Travel | Visit Victoria

In 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic and extended lockdowns in Victoria, Melburnians were unable to travel to regional Victoria. As restrictions started to ease in October 2020, Visit Victoria needed to uncover the new triggers, drivers and barriers for  intrastate travel, with a post-COVID lens.

Project | 03

Campaign Performance Insights | Lewers Research

As part of my work at Lewers Research, a noteworthy project involved a holistic review of existing data from previous consumer and small business campaigns. The objective was to understand how to achieve greater campaign efficiency and effectiveness through enhancing marketing communications and media investment.

Project | 01
Project | 04

Communications Strategy Effectiveness | Lewers Research

The Research Effectiveness Awards is aimed at recognising excellence in research that makes a difference to business performance. My submission was done in collaboration with our major telecommunications client at Lewers Research, under the category of Communications Strategy Effectiveness. In particular,  the implementation of our recommendations on media optimisation and creative enhancement, resulting in the most successful Pre-Paid mobile campaign ran in FY14.

Project | 02
Project | 05

Marketing Material | Bluedot Innovation

When Bluedot Innovation was in its initial startup phase, I conceptualized and developed the company's branding and marketing collateral and design work. These included websites, images, business cards, brochures, demo videos and wireframes.


Bluedot Innovation has since expanded globally and is continuing to grow rapidly, raising AUD$6.5m (USD$5.0m) from a number of US and Australian investors.

Anchor 2 Personal Projects
Children's Book

Illustrations for children's books | Flying Turtle

Storytelling is a fascinating art. In July 2016, my sister and I embarked on a project to publish and donate storybooks that serve as a form of entertainment, and a creative educational tool for children. She wrote the text, I illustrated. The 'Flying Turtle' contains morals behind the stories that help with character building. Previous books were circulated to vegetarian childcare centres, temples and Buddhist associations.

Travel Guide

Travel guide for foreign guests | Wedding Microsite

Acknowledging that half of our wedding guests will be travelling from overseas to my home town Singapore, I prepared a designated domain with some travel tips to help them get around.

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